Inspection Department

Was established by Decision No. 249/QD-DHSPHN2 on 03, June 2009 of the Rector of Hpu2


Advise to Rector on inspection, supervising about implement law in school.
Organize, perform inspection work in school.


Inspect implementation of policies and legislation in education.

Inspect the implementation of objectives, plans, programs, contents and methods of education, training regulations, and examination regulations and grant diplomas, certificates; implementation of regulations on curriculum, lectures; management of financial, assets, technology science, staff organization work and other necessary conditions to ensure educational Quality.

Supervise thrift and combat waste by the rules of law; performing tasks of preventing and combating to against corruption in the school by the rules of law.

Meet people and resolve complaints and denunciations in the field of training in school by the rules of law.

Summarize practical experiences of internal inspection; propose methods to ensure implementation of laws in education; propose to amend and supply the rules of law in education.

Statistics and reports by requiring of the school.

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