Ministry Removes Floor-Mark Mechanism, Vows to Safeguard Submit Quality

Monday - 10/03/2014 09:14
VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has motionless to mislay a argumentative floor-mark mechanism. However, it is still misleading what resource would be practical instead to safeguard a peculiarity of a universities’ submit students.
It’s time to finish floor-mark resource
Astonished about a MOET’s preference to announce a finish of a building symbol mechanism, Vu Van Hoa, Vice President of a Hanoi University of Business and Technology, pronounced if no smallest compulsory standards are set, it would be unfit to control a aloft education’s quality.
The building symbol resource has been used for a final many years as an instrument to name a many means students for university education. High propagandize graduates contingency obtain a outlines equal to, or aloft than a building outlines to be authorised for enrolling in any universities in Vietnam.
“What will occur if a building symbol resource does not exist any more? Does it mean that diseased students who get 5 or 6 outlines (for 3 examination subjects) would also be means to go to a university?” Hoa said, adding that it is unfit to sight a student with too low training capability.
“There contingency be smallest compulsory standards on students, and a standard should be a formula of a university opening exams,” he noted.
Hoang Minh Son, Head of a Training Division of a Hanoi University of Technology, also pronounced that there should be a separator to forestall diseased students f-rom entering universities.
Nguyen Kim Son, Deputy Director of a Hanoi National University, one of a many prestigious schools in Vietnam, remarkable that a dismissal of a building symbol resource might lead to a plunge in a training quality, if schools are not resourceful in enrolling students and do not in-sert many significance to a training.
However, MOET believes that it is now a right time to “declare death” for a floor-mark mechanism, once a preparation law gives an “autonomy” to universities, i.e. that a schools have a right to name students formed on their requirements.
If so, a existence of a building outlines practical to all schools proves to be irrational in a new circumstances.
How to “measure” submit students’ quality
According to Mai Van Trinh, Head of a MOET’s Examination and Quality Testing Agency, a element of MOET is that there contingency be a threshold to assistance name many means students. However, instead of environment adult a building outlines for all schools nationwide, a “thresholds” need to be designed in another approach to make it some-more reasonable, flexible.
Le Viet Khuyen, an obvious preparation expert, also commented that if MOET still maintains a floor-mark mechanism, it would spin a whole nation into a large university. Instead of environment adult common building outlines for all schools, it would be improved for a method to announce a smallest mandate on submit students.
Son f-rom a Hanoi University of Technology suggested that it is required to set adult a standards for submit students, that might contain of a mandate on a examination symbol or training annals during high school. The indexes would be referred to by universities when enrolling students.
Tien Phong
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