• Developing English Language Teaching in Vietnam

    • 00:00 09-07-2021

    IH London is partnering with Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 (HPU2) to develop a bespoke professional development self-access course for primary teachers. This innovative resource will provide a new opportunity for teachers in Vietnam to improve their English teaching skills. The course will be offered to 60 teachers, who will benefit from mentoring and training from Vietnam and the UK.

    The new course aims to raise the standards of primary and secondary English education in Vietnam. 60 Teachers from rural provinces will be given the opportunity to develop their skills with trainers from IH London and mentors from the Vietnamese HPU2. Split into two groups of 30, the teachers will receive 10 weeks of training each. During this process, materials will be gathered and created so that this unique course can be expanded and shared to create an open access course for teachers across the world.

    IH London’s Eleanor Maly said, ‘There are a lot of synergies in our educational missions; we have a shared commitment to and passion for teacher education, and a firm belief in the positive impact of quality continuous professional development  for teachers in Vietnam.  We are delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to this exciting project.’ 

    The new course has been funded by the Digital Learning Innovation Fund, which has recently given the green light to a total of three new pilot projects. The fund aims to encourage partnerships between the UK and Vietnam in order to improve the teaching and learning of English using innovations, insight and research.

    The first of the fund’s two other new projects is The Digital English Theatre Project, in which IH Belfast, Hands Up and Can Tho University are using digital resources to integrate theatre into language learning. In the second project, the Vietnam Virtual Exchange for English Language Teaching will be hosting over 120 teachers from both the UK and Vietnam in creating virtual communities of practice to act as a resource for the professional development of teachers.

    Nguyễn Thị Hồng Nhật of HPU2 told the British Council, ‘We are excited to embark on this project.  We are passionate about improving the quality of education in Vietnam and helping to bridge the gap between educational staff in rural and mountainous areas, and those in urban areas.  We are delighted to have found an experienced partner in IHL that share our ambitious goals to enhance CPD among teachers.’

    The projects are already underway, formally launching in an online event on May 6th, and will continue development throughout the next year. The research, insight and knowledge gained from these three ventures will be used to reimagine existing projects to become more sustainable and effective.

    From: www.ihlondon.com